Norah (Amy Lerner) with Grace (Ingrid Gustafsson) in the background

Georgina (Nicole Roessler), head of the Ministry for Humane Extermination

Grace (Ingrid Gustafsson) and Norah (Amy Lerner)

Prophecy Of A Nameless Eskimo

Imagine an overpopulated world, the Earth is bucking under the strain of our consumption. But not to worry; the government has come up with the ultimate solution.

Once a month, if your social security number is called, you have a choice: you can either report to be killed or apply to kill someone in place of you. It’s not difficult, really, with the over supply of super humane weapons available to you on every corner!

Norah Proud’s number has been called. In the short time that follows, she begins having prophetic dreams which point to a flaw in the system, gross manipulations and distortions by a ridiculous media, and she starts digging around in dangerous places to find any element of truth to her dreams. Grace, her partner, watches on in frustration as Norah pays more attention to the prophecies than finding a replacement for this month’s killing spree. Georgina, the head of the powerful Ministry for Humane Extermination, starts a desperate search for the one who is destined to expose the entire system – and stop her at all costs.

In this multi-media piece, three women and a medley of absurd television and radio propaganda told the tale of survival and decay in a totalitarian society; A darkly humorous story of distorted media, power-hungry officials and the mass manufacturing of very, very humane weapons.

Photos © Jens Fauth.

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