Konstanze (Sirkka Lampimäki) and Blonde (Mia Heikkinen)

Sinister businessman Osmin (Tapani Plathan) with our heroines

Mia Heikkinen, Sirkka Lampimäki, Jani Sivén and Sinfonietta SOI orchestra

Konstanze (Sirkka Lampimäki) between Belmonte (Niall Chorell) and DJ Bassa (Kari Rakkola) in 'Martern aller Arten'

Video close-up from the aria 'Ach, ich liebte, War so glücklich'

Blondes in Berlin

Ultimate Coloratura Quest

A light-hearted rewrite of W.A.Mozart's 'The Abduction from the Seraglio' ('Die Entführung aus dem Serail', KV 384) with a pinch of camp aesthetics. What happens, when two sopranos, Konstanze and Blonde, land in funky Berlin on an audition trip? To begin with, their money and passports get stolen. While waiting for their boyfriends to come to rescue our heroines end up taking jobs in a seedy nightclub. Their Nordic looks soon attract many admirers. A certain DJ Bassa does his best to confuse Konstanze's heart, and the mysterious mafioso Osmin has set his eyes on Blonde. Needless to say, the mess only gets bigger when the boyfriends finally arrive.

This production relied heavily on the use of video projections. The story was partly told in the form of on-screen inserts, and during key arias the video imagery supported and externalized characters' emotions.

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