Augmented screenwriting in mobile media

Augmented screenwriting in mobile media


The proliferation of the mobile media both as a delivery platform and as a production media has paved way for new kinds of creative structures to emerge in recent years. Also performing arts, such as opera, have faced the challenges of adapting into the new platform and transmigrating the conventionally in time and space bound content into the mobile media. This raises the question of how to create artistically meaningful opera content for the mobile medium.

This development was the impetus behind the creation of Omnivore (2012), an experimental opera made available as mobile phone applications. I am the opera’s librettist and director. In my research, the production of Omnivore was approached as an experimental laboratory, placing me in an artist/researcher position that is typical in practice-led research. Theoretically this research leans on the discourse of mediatization in performing arts. The writing process of Omnivore is also contrasted against concepts that are derived from screenwriting research that is connected to cinema and television.

The opera’s screenwriting process is in focus: What specific new features does writing an opera for the mobile platform bring to screenwriting? How did the writing process differ from a traditional writing process in opera? How did the chosen mobile delivery platform influence the work?

So far there has been little practice-led research in the field of screenwriting in the mobile media. This work in its part bridges the gap with evidence found in the production of Omnivore. By doing so, this research also answers questions on how the ontology of screenwriting has become enriched in the new distribution channel. The work process of the screenwriter in the emergent technologically augmented environment is opened up, and in the end, this helps in defining who is or who are the screenwriter(s) in mobile media.

Published in: Häti-Korkeila M., Järvinen H., Kortti J., Roihankorpi R. (eds.), 2014. Teatteri ja media(t), Näyttämö & tutkimus 5. Helsinki, Teatterin tutkimuksen seura.


augmented screenwriting
media manuscript
mobile opera
ontology of screenwriting

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