ABBA The Concert

ABBA The Concert

"One of the biggest and most sophisticated ABBA-Shows worldwide!"

ABBA The Concert was a show production that toured Germany and several other European countries between 2009-2011, drawing large audiences to experience a detailed remake of ABBA's famous 1979/80 world tour concerts. The show reproduced not only the the look and feel of the original show, but also the magical live sound of ABBA - as authentic as possible.

The Swedish supergroup sold out the Wembley Arena in London for six nights in November 1979. The exuberant energy of those iconic shows can still be retraced in a tv-special made by the Swedish television. The live documentary along with the 'ABBA Live' album (1986), other audio and video recordings, photographs, memorabilia, and any other information of the shows that could possibly be found, were meticulously researched in order to reconstruct the shows as close to the original as possible. The goal was set high: To produce 'not just another tribte show', but a time machine journey to a night to remember in 1979, so it all just had to be right, from the instrumentation to the choreography, from the set list to the costume changes.

ABBA The Concert was 150 minutes of musical fireworks, performed 100% live each night with a band of 13 fantastic musicians and superb singers who were able to bring alive the soaring vocal excellence and sweet harmonies of ABBA. As an additional bonus (and a deliberate deviation of the original 1979 set list), ABBA The Concert also featured a remake of 'The Girl With The Golden Hair' mini-musical from ABBA's 1977 tour. Including one of ABBA's most famous songs, 'Thank You For The Music', the mini-musical was indicative of the direction the band's songwriters Benny and Björn would take after ABBA famously 'went on a pause' in the early 1980's.

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Stade 1.3.2010

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